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tv   ABC 7 News Sunday  ABC  February 20, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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falling. it barely let up since. >> road crews shut down two parts of the mountain area, and that portion of highway 9 at bear creek road. but the dangerous driving conditions weren't just in the mountains. this driver hydroplaned off highway 17 down the side of the creek and they had to rappel down to save him. >> they will reach in there and get his seat belt undone and pulled him out. >> that driver suffered only minor injuries. highway patrol are not calling in extra officers for this patrol. lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> it made for per effect conditions in the sierra. here's a live look at intersection highway 89 and 28. you can see the roads are clear, snow loaning the side. a gorgeous sunset coming up in
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the background. there are no chain controls at this time. it was a different story yesterday. travel up interstate 80 and highway 50 was difficult because of the weather combined with the crowd of people driving up with presidents' day holiday. capitalizing on the 8 feet of snow from the last storm. >> it started a little slow because of the chain controls. now i-80 is wide open. people came up and they have. we had a good turnout. >> thousands of people said all that fresh powder was well worth it. incredib incredible weather from our viewers. this snowy scene at highway 9 in the santa cruz mountains. here's a guy trying out his mountain bike. a couple e-mails of this picture of their daughters posing with two snowpeople that they took
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with mom and dad. this was saratoga at highway 9. you can upload your pictures or e-mail it. conditions are pretty perfect in the sierra as we saw. back here in the bay area, we're getting a little bit of a break from the rain. let's go to lisa argen, a quick look at the weather today. >> good morning. live doppler 7 hd shows pretty quiet conditions. a little cell here over the richmond/san rafael bridge. but otherwise partly cloudy and cool. that area of low pressure that just didn't wanna get out of town finally shrinking to the south and weak high pressure to build in in its wake. that's going to bring in a pretty nice day today if you want some sunshine but we're not going to warm up too much. we're only in the low 40s from napa to santa rosa with some fog. fog moving over to concord and livermore. just 37 in oakland this morning. i'll detail the forecast for the
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rest of your holiday weekend and your look ahead which includes another storm coming up later. >> lisa, we'll see you then. local officials fixed an antenna problem that had police radios failing once again. at the airport two men were shot inside but police had trouble communicating under portable radios. radio problems plagued oakland police during the past couple months. there is now a reward up to $20,000 for information that helped solve a double homicide. a 31-year-old man and 27-year-old woman were shot as they sat in their car early yesterday morning. it happened 62nd avenue and milton street. police have not released the victims' name. the 18th and 19th homicide this year. more than double the number of killings for the same period last year. pg&e is now saying a faulty leak
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sent a daly city family to the hospital. a mother and two children complained of nausea and light-headedness. hundreds of people die from carbon monoxide poisoning each year. homeowners need detectors to pick up any leaks. some are calling it another sign of the economic recovery. new figures show venture capital investments grew in 2010, the first increase in the past three years. venture capital is money provided to new companies that show a potential for growth. according to the latest money tree report, the fund increased $21 billion last year, a 19% increase from the year before. silicon valley scores the largest share of nation capital nationwide. ahead at 6:00, the first team workout together since the world series. more from spring training. intensififififififififififififif
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> now day six of the protest against wisconsin's governor and his push to cut the bay of bargaining rights for public workers. yesterday the largest crowd yet, tens of thousands dueling protestors swarmed the capitol. more on the debate. >> first police in riot gear and then the protestors. (chanting) >> tens of thousands of the biggest crowd yet clogging the capitol and the heart of this city. most state workers and proposed budget cuts. slashed benefits and the right
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to collective bargaining. >> some are demanding a recall of the governor who just took office here six weeks ago. >> we're a strong middle class, never built on the back of unions. >> today it's smaller but equally a passionate crowd supporting the governor led by joe the plumber. >> you don't deserve anything. you worked for it yourself. >> small business owners walt and karen macido. >> the cadillac of employees and it's gotta stop. >> we cannot continue about paying the union recall, so many money. there's going to be no america left. >> two union school teachers, two opposing views. >> he's not busting the union. if you believe that, i work for the university. did you hear me! >> i worked for the university.
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>> frustrations simmered just beneath a boil. madison, the unlikely epicenter of who suffers most in the state saddles with the crippling deficit. targeting union workers and their benefits. still the 14 democratic senators who fled this state. >> if they get one of us back there, we no longer have the ability to slow things down. >> overseas, the delegate toll in libya is rising as thousands of protestors take to the streets for a sick day. journalists are not allowed to work free. they shot dozens of protestors and unconfirmed reports that up to 300 deaths have occurred. the demonstrators are trying to overthrow moammar qaddafi that ruled the country for over 40 years.
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anti-governor protestors continue to chant for the royal family to step down. thousands gathered in the nation's capital including striking workers and teachers. rulers have offered to hold talks with opposition leaders. the instability is posing a problem for the u.s. because the navy's fifth fleet is based in bahrain. somali has taken hostages. jean and scott adams are members of an l.a. yacht club and distribute literature to schools and churches all over the world. they hijacked the boat yesterday two days after a somali pirate was sentenced to 33 years of prison in new york. 6:12. enjoying a lovely sunrise, not sunset. it's the time of day. it gets confusing. all looks the same. >> no.
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sunrise is still on the way. >> it will be a sunrise though. >> yeah. >> sun sets tonight. >> yes. a bit of a break around the bay. boy, is it cold. talking low 30s in our north bay valleys with some fog. also in the east bay we have some low visibility and barely 40 downtown. i'll detail your long weekend forecast coming up. >> still ahead, the chinese new year. thousands of parade watchers celebrated in the streets of san francisco.
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welcome back to abc 7 news. a live picture from our mount tam cam looking across sausalito and across the bay. in the foreground you may be able to see, yes, that's still snow remnants from the storm we had yesterday in the higher elevations of the bay area. hundreds of thousands of people turned out for this year's chinese new year's parade in san francisco last night. >> more than 5,000 people took part in the celebration each year along with hundreds of volunteers. there are 26 floats and a lot of marching bands with drums and fireworks. this is the year of the rabbit in the lunar calendar year, 4708. among the spectators was five-year-old siena. >> he nan kwai la. >> the first time! can you believe it. i've been living in san francisco 27 years and it's the
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first time i come to the new year's. >> we get to see all the difference floats and the kids get to see all the people and wave out like they're rock stars or something. it's fun. everybody screamin' at you and they have a good time. >> gun hey sat choy to everyone. caps two weeks of chinese new year event. just missed the nice weather by just a day. >> yeah. you know, it got drier towards the end, too. definitely a little drippy out there but, boy, is it cold! talking temperatures below freezing. our roof camera, the sun officially up 6:53. you can see how clear it is out there. with that we have the radiational cooling but up further to the east in our valleys, fog and, well, freezing fog perhaps in our north bay valleys. a pretty shot. hope it didn't make you dizzy so early. nice afternoon with temperatures coming up as much as 7 degrees. that still keeps us 10 degrees
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below the average. 30 degrees santa rosa. good morning, napa. 33 livermore. got fog there as well as 39 fremont with the peninsula. 36, how about half moon bay with 34 degrees. so only a few temperatures right around 40 san francisco and mountain view. our highlights freezing cold with the black ice and fog inland. partly sunny, cool today. a slight chance of showers for tomorrow, presidents' day. temperatures still below the average. it's 10 degrees colder than yesterday in napa. 6 degrees colder in livermore. everyone feeling the chill this morning. it's going to take some time to warm up. we're coming from such a low level we're only going to reach the low to mid-50s. quarter mile visibility. novato, santa rosa, livermore. concord has improved and san
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jose just over a mile. so yesterday, boy, that area of low pressure just did not want to get out of town. finally it had sunk to the south and filled in a little. looking at clear skies across much of the state. in fact refer clouds banking up against the sierra novato. minus 2 at the tahoe valley airport. there's' yesterday's low. this for tomorrow which it going to slide to the south i think further from the coast. that should allow for increasing clouds but if it moves any closer, we could see a shower. otherwise high and dry right through the middle of the week and our next chance of showers come on in for the end of the week. 54 sacramento, 52 monterey. 54 cupertino. look for partly cloudy conditions. san francisco, you should be 62.
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just 52 today with 52 petaluma. if you head out towards the coast, it will be breezy, 54 san leandro and union city. out over the hills some of that snow melting on mount diablo. 54 danville and dublin. monterey bay more mid-50s and another cool afternoon. a slight chance of showers maybe tomorrow. otherwise drier, a couple degrees warmer wednesday. cold rain again friday. >> thank you where lisa. dan harris joins us from new york to tell us what's coming up on "good morning america." >> good morning to you on one of my favorite cities on earth, san francisco. an escalation of those huge protests in wisconsin. now the tea party getting in on the act with those state workers that are really effectively shut down the government there. the highly anticipated invite list is out for william and
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kate's wedding. john, i did not see your name on the list. we're going to find out who else did not make a cut with the royal expert joining us live. this morning you may hear the world work spouse. we're going to introduce you to one such pair. finally a story about a dog named bear in your part of the world. you may have covered this. a dog reunited with his owner this weekend. the dog from sacramento, i believe. and he somehow managed to travel through three states in just two days. how did he get so far away? we're going to have more on his journey and the happy reunion coming up next on "good morning america." >> i suppose it was not greyhound? >> no. in fact, it's a mystery and the reunion is incredible. this is a good piece to watch. >> thank you very much, dan. the giants reunite for their first workout since the world
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series. much more in sports. >> a bracket buster game. 23rd ranked hosting utah state. both needing a win to solidify their tournament hopes. gails going wild. mickey mcconnell. shooting hat tricks. a cutting mitchell young. up 9 at half. just like their second clash in san diego. rocky payne, then payne to brady jardean. that's mean! aggies outscore the gales by 19 in the second half. utah state wins 75-65. second place up for grabs in the west coast conference. 70-53 over usf. scare and monroe city.
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end of the first half. foster with 29. broncos down three at the break. take control at the second half. jack kidd finishing santa clara falls by 10, 78-68. in the pac ten. stanford hosting usc. they got throttled on the farm. down 40-22. that freshman aaron bright with the triple. nicole for three. 19 points, 14 rebounds for the big man. trojans by 16. well, how to best describe first baseman aubrey huff. consistent with the glove, clutch with the bat. mike shumann explains from giant spring training. >> world championships! the hall of fame! >> one of the many great stories
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on the giants world series' run last year was first baseman aubrey huff. he'd never been to the playoffs in his nine-year career. he was rewarded with a two-year $20 million contract. he also brought clubhouse leadership and, of course, the red throng. aubrey told us today it ain't comin' back. >> served its purpose. didn't it? had to take a lot of chafing for that. i won't do that again. >> a lot of familiar faces here. >> we brought mainly everybody back. you won the world series, you want to defend it with the same group you had. everybody, i believe in the big-time. >> i'm mike shumann, abc 7 sports. >> guy's classic. the clippers play griffin jumped over a car. showcased his skills. all-star saturday night.
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mark wahlberg there but not you, not you and not you. in the skills challenge, a dribbling arsenal. 28.2 seconds. a lucky high school student gets a $3,000 scholarship thanks to steff. finished with just 11 points. did not advance out of the first round. what would blake griffin do. why is he in a car, why is that car under a hoop? why am i asking so many questions. the slam dunk competition. he's got his mask, his jersey. little dude ready to play. splitting the defense. i don't know where you've been all year. 1-0 sharks. the third-period break-away. two of the best little boxers in
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the world. huge fight that is. one is local known as the filipino flash. wbo and wbc on the wire. talk about packing a punch! this is crazy! with today's slow motion capture, look at this. texas will knock out danair's 25th straight win. that is nuts. 26-1 in his career. his iconic stature will only grow larger in the philippines. mike shumann continues coverage from scottsdale and including daytona highlights. have grate day, everyone. i'm collin rush. >> next at 6:30, quint has returned to the bay area and brought snow to some lower elevations. a crackdown on crack pipes in
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♪ a rare sight in the bay area. snowfall at elevations as low as 1500 feet. on mount tamalpais it looked like a blizzard. as much as 6 inches on bay area peaks. up in the sierra it has cleared up after snowing as much as 8 feet the past few days. take a look at i-80. all clear, everything is cleared out. no chain controls. this is i-80 right now. you can see a courier and ives photo there. the roads clear but not many drivers on there at this point. i think we have a shot of heavenly. the lifts are up and running. sunrise is happening right now and looks to be another gorgeous day of snowy -- skiing, rather, snow boarding for the long holiday weekend. when the snow also brought out
6:28 am
people in the south bay, the drivers even made the trip up the treacherous highway 17 to catch a glimpse of the unusual weather. more on santa cruz. >> signs on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains warn of slippery road conditions. the concern here is black ice which could catch drivers by surprise. but earlier today, the only concern some children had was what to do in the snow. (laughter) >> the afternoon air along skyline boulevard was filled with the signs of excitement. here in the santa cruz mountains, some parents gave their children a special treat. >> i think they just have to experience snow. it's cool stuff. >> my kids begged me to come up here. >> a treat for parents and children but some drivers found the snow confining. >> we dug and people came and offered to push, including the very helpful sheriff who pointed out that i shouldn't be parking there. >> road conditions may have been treacherous in the mountains but rain-covered highway 17 caused
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the car to hydroplane off the road. it went off the road and down to the creek. >> was able to reach in there and pulled him out. >> there was a short snowfall earlier this evening. that snow is now gone but drivers caution that the road remains dangerous. >> we have more pictures of snow around the bay area. the berkeley hills got a light dusting. this is grissy peak at 1700 peak. here's mount diablo where it snowed about halfway up the summit near juniper campground. this view from mount hamilton with a scene more like the sierra. whether it's five straight days of snowfall, the sierra has nearly perfect conditions. travel was difficult yesterday because of the snow and the factor in all those people driving up for the long presidents' day holiday. >> stephanie tran and her friends came to the sierra all the way from san jose to do what
6:30 am
thousands of others did or attempted to do. >> this is the best time -- best weather i've had so far. >> like all the others, oreo mountain resort was packed with those capitalizing on the 8 feet of snow the last snow dropped. >> got everybody excited to get up here. >> the crowds left at the perfect time, too, allowing them to fill cash registers and rental shops. >> drive a little snow because of chain controls. i-80 is wide open. people can get up here. we got a good turnout. >> these stores aren't always about the stores and ski shops. sometimes to find hidden gems, you know, the free ones. >> where are your pants? >> he has 'em! . that guy over there. >> i actually only got one pair for the ride home but we got stuck overnate. >> i never saw this much snow.
6:31 am
i'm having a blast. >> let's go on the lifts again. >> even if the mini slopes aren't for everyone, everyone agrees this snow definitely is. >> there's even sledding but the snow is definitely great. >> we're getting some gorgeous pictures from our abc 7 viewers. in the santa cruz mountains, this was the snowy scene on the skyline boulevard on the san lorenzo valley. this beautiful photo, jim says they received a foot of snow in clear lake over the past two days, something he hadn't seen before 1972. and this picture, also at clear lake. susan says they picked up 5 inches of snow in just the last two days. you can spend your photos or video by uploading or e-maili t
6:32 am
us. no one was injured in this accident. >> a downed tree closed piedmont avenue in berkeley. crews were called in to clear the road at the intersection at channing way. they had to use chain saws. the tree was uprooted near the east side of the u.c. berkeley campus. the former commander of the task force in contra costa county has acknowledged stealing and selling drews seized during raids. welsh was arraigned saturday including drug possession. he did not enter a plea. his client fell into debt after his daughter needed a bone marrow transplant. he's accused of selling the drugs with christopher butler, a private investigator. butler is facing those same charges as well. san francisco launching a crackdown on crack part-times.
6:33 am
the city attorney filed auto against a half dozen shops that sell drug paraphernalia. neighbors are pleased but the store owners say they are being unfairly targeted. carolyn tyler has more. >> crystal meth pipes and crack pipes. >> san francisco city attorney is pointing to pictures of illegal drug paraphernalia confiscated not from drug dealers but from local stores in the mission and excelier neighborhoods. >> these are specialized instruments that have no other purpose, no other legitimate purpose than to be used or to encourage use of illicit drugs. >> six mug shots and three property owners are named in a lawsuit the city filed today in superior court. one is right across the street from a public library. activists have complained for years. >> just walk down the street. it hits you smack in the face. >> their complaints led to a lengthy police investigation.
6:34 am
>> we start off with admonishments. and then we did seizures and then undercover operations. >> one of those targeted, mission gifts and tobacco. the police came by? >> came and gonna sell this stuff, these pipes. i said we've been here ten years. nobody say anything. i said, okay, we can always stop it. >> the owner still offers bombs that are considered legal because they can be used for tobacco as well as marijuana. but now he says he no longer sells illegal paraphernalia and doesn't know why he's being sued. there's i don't know how many in the city. >> city attorney herrera says there are other shops in san francisco violating the law but cause those listed in this lawsuit the most egregious. we checked with police and prosecutors around the bay area.
6:35 am
none have smoke shops on their radar as priorities. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> lisa argen is back. chilly but dry. >> i told you, i could barely get my car door open this morning. all that water froze. freezing fog out there. a clear sky. also a fog north and east bay valleys and still some snow on mount tam. but not for long. we're gonna see temperatures climb into the 50s today with some sun. your forecast is next. >> still ahead a
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>> welcome back to abc 7 news. a live picture from emeryville looking across the bay into san francisco as the sun is rising over the bay area. another gorgeous shot. this is from mount sutro looking eastward here into san francisco as the city and the rest of the bay area slowly comes to life on this sunday morning. now, a look what could become
6:38 am
soon the pentagon's newest weapon. it's a hummingbird. we've already seen what those unmanned drone aircraft can do. now the robotic bird that can hover without anybody knowing. >> this hummingbird won't soon be landing on your backdoor feeder. it could be taken overseas. it's a pocket-size drone and could soon be a powerful weapon for the pentagon. >> this is the first aircraft that's been developed that flies with two flappy wings. >> the bird takes flight outdoors and seeing what it sees, the pentagon will see. the bird becomes a sort of bond spying as it flows. indoors it's really an agent with better than a bird's-eye view, a 360 degree view. the pentagon spent $4 million so far to build these birds.
6:39 am
they can fly forward, backward, hover all by remote control watching over someone without them ever knowing. they're far smarter and more discreet than those drones used bit pentagon and c.i.a. an exclusive look from that base in california as they operate it over afghanistan. we bet with two-man teams, the obvious difference, those drones carry missiles. the humming birds do not. it can fly right over an enemy soldier. they weigh barely an ounce. now they're in the air for ten minutes. >> a very short range for studies to get video imagery back from a target site. >> that was david reporting.
6:40 am
while the pentagon is developing the humming birds, they have not said when they will be deployed. scientists have completed the first cosmic census in our galaxy and the numbers are astronomical. there are 50 billion planets in the milky way. 500 million of those planets are in the zone where life could possibly exist. the numbers were contemplated from keppler telescopes. a gorgeous day in our little blue marvel out there. dry but chilly. >> my, is it cold out there. we're talking about minus 6 in truckee. is that cold enough for ya? >> yeah! >> here's a look at the mountains now. the airport zero. of course, this is about 8,000 feet here or even higher. we're talking well below zero this morning. with the clear sky, the radiational cooling, fog back closer to home but we also have, oh, that crunchie ice. cold, cold conditions below
6:41 am
zero. i said earlier it was like breaking glass when i tried to get my car door open this morning because of all that water that is frozen overnight. we'll see in melting. temperatures coming up today, certainly well below what they should be but at least warmer than yesterday. everybody's in the 30s except mountain view and san francisco. livermore, you have fog at 33. and freezing in napa, fairfield, below freezing santa rosa. 36 san rafael. oakland just at 37 this morning. our highlights, freezing cold, black ice, frost this morning. partly sunny, cool today. numbers still in the 50s but it will feel a light better. slight chance of showers comes our way tomorrow. we'll see more clouds and with all the snow yesterday, 6 degrees colder in concord, livermore. 10 degrees colder in napa with the clear sky. but we have that fog. visibilities are better around the big cities. oakland and san francisco, even san jose greater than a mile.
6:42 am
but livermore about a quarter of a mile. less than a quarter mile novato and santa rosa. so be careful throughout. if you're headed out early this morning, definitely need time to warm your car up and scrape that ice off. low pressure finally departing the bay area sinking southward and in its wake, a ridge of high pressure across pretty much the entire state. but low pressure forming to the north and west to us. this will sink to the south and stay further from the coast. that should provide a dry day for the holiday tomorrow. if it nudges a little closer we could see an isolated shower in the north bay. otherwise cool. north to south today. 68 san diego, 54 fresno with low 30s in the northern sierra, clouds in the southern sierra. 52 yosemite. 55 san jose. still show of those low 60s for this time of year but, hey, we'll take it. it's a little bit of a warm-up.
6:43 am
53 san mateo. breezy here, low 50s. it's gonna take a while to get out of those 40s. 52 downtown, advertised 62 this time of year. 48 still throw in clear lake. 54 in san leandro and out over the hills more smell melt at mount diablo. 64 livermore and down by the monterey bay, chance to dry out for 54 in salinas today. the 7-day forecast, fewer clouds tomorrow. i think we'll stay dry though. tuesday, wednesday increasing clouds thursday and maybe another cold storm headed our way. but if it is really cold, it's not going to hold a lot of moisture. it's whether or not it's going to be so, so cold or a little milder. we'll stay tuned on that one. >> massive works from an ancient civilization in mexico are on display in a museum. what's fascinating is the
6:44 am
millstry around the almac. no one knows where they came from or where they went. don sanchez offers up some clues. >> huge stones weighing up to 24 tons carved in impressive figures and designs. colossal heads made 3,000 years ago by america's oldest civilization, here before the standards. >> he's fascinated by their sophistication and degrees of technical and san francisco knowledge. >> it's about quality and significant works of art. i think the almac culture produced some of the most refined and elegant and simple works. >> leaving behind mostly massive pieces like this throne underscoring the power of the ruler. yet there are some delicate ceramics and jade work. >> his face is rather unique in the sculpture because he's
6:45 am
smiling. the minute detail being done with such simple instruments. but the almac are shrouded in mystery. no one knows anything about their life, their language or where they went. >> you can have a culture like this with art, with religion, everything, different food apparently from what we know. everything. and then what happened to them? >> these decisions don't disappear like this. in many, many aspects. their social groups. >> why this exhibit is being marketed to the bay area hispanic community. >> here to see the roots of mexicans. and the latino american people. >> it's here through may 8th. san francisco, don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> a local family really paid
6:46 am
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welcome back to abc 7 news. a live picture from the embarcadero looking out over the bay and the bay bridge there as we see the sunrise coming up over the east bay here on sunday morning. if you own a burglar alarm, you may know about the fines in a lot of cities imposed for false alarms. in san francisco there's a fee just to own a burglar alarm. one couple found out they weren't only paying a fee, they were overpaying. michael finney has their story. >> kristen lotto has one alarm system in her san francisco house. she wondered why was she getting two bills. >> the alarm, they both charge. >> first the city sent this bill for $45 to cover her annual alarm license registration fee.
6:49 am
then another invoice came, this one from bay alarm for $55 for what it called a city alarm permit. it sure seemed like two bills for the same thing so she called bay alarm. >> i even said, well, i think i paid this before. and they were like oh, no, you have not paid for this. this you have to pay. >> kristen got get an answer about the reason for two bills. so she contacted "7 on your side." >> it just sounds like there was some confusion there at some point. >> that city treasurer, josé, he said burglar alarms must be registered with the city and there's a $45 annual fee. it's meant to hold owners accountable for all the false alarms going on, tens of thousands each year. now owners can be fined. >> the number of false alarms has dramatically decreased which just means our emergency responders are then more available to take care of real
6:50 am
emergencies. >> but kristen shouldn't have to pay two fees. so the treasurer looked into her case and found by mistake there were two licenses issued for her one alarm system. bay alarm obtained one license, the other was in the name of kristen's husband, rodriguez. >> he doesn't actually believe in alarms in the first place. that's the funny thing. they've been double billed for the past three years. so right away the city refunded the duplicate payments and kristen was delighted to receive this check for the full $125. >> good! i'll be able to use it. i will definitely go out and get a glass of win or something. one glass of wine. >> it is still a mystery as to how kristen's husband got into the city's database. the city treasurer encourages everyone to make sure they are registering their alarm and not
6:51 am
paying twice. now, if you have a problem, let me know about it. go to i'm michael finney. "7 on your side." >> after several dales a missing dog is found. how he wound up hundreds of miles away from his sacramento area home. oprah: all new. the tv debut of celine dion's miracle twins! then -- six tiny treasures hit the jackpot-ola! wow! and -- today's your lucky day!
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here are the winning numbers from last night's superlotto. the numbers are 6, 7, 12, 19, 30. the meganumber was 10. a single winning ticket was sold at a liquor store in burbank. the jackpot for wednesday's drawing is estimated at $7 million. a two-year-old dog that disappeared near sacramento was reunited with his owner after turning up more than 700 miles weigh. bear, a 20 pound terrier disappeared on tuesday.
6:54 am
brian raposa didn't think he would see his dogs again but a woman found bear and took him to the humane society in tacoma. he drove 13 hours as soon as he got the good news. >> told me to pick him up. his name, my last name and i got no phone calls. exciting news, the microchip tracked down brian. nobody knows how bear got to tacoma but one thing is for sure, he didn't walk. excited to be back. we've been talking about it all morning, snow in the bay area, elevations as low as 1500 feet. looked like a blizzard from our high definition camera. as much as 6 inches fell on some bay area peaks yesterday. the berkeley hills got a light dusting. this is grizzly peak. ow! here's mount diablo near juniper campground. it has finally cleared up after snowing as much as 8 feet the
6:55 am
past few days. this is a live look at i-80 in truckee the truck scales. the roads are clear on the right side of your screen. just saw a car go flying by. apparently the roads are clear for now as the sun is am could go up and should be a wonderful day of skiing and snow boarding and all that stuff up there. >> but minus 6 in truckee right now. >> or staying by the fire. >> yes. back home, boy, it's beautiful. we have the sunshine here from sutro. you can see all the clear sky but, boy, has it bogged out. temperatures below freezing in our north and east bay valleys. mount tam at 2600 feet. still the beautiful snow, the sun officially up at 6:53, setting at 5:54 and this will be melting today because highs in marin county low to mid-50s. we do have another chance of some snow maybe by the end of the week. so temperatures across the bay 34 concord, 33 livermore, 38 san
6:56 am
jose. that area of low pressure well to the south of us. we're talking high pressure building in today. some sunshine. a chance of showers comes our way for presidents' day. but let's enjoy the day today with temperatures in the low 50s from vallejo, richmond and san rafael. 54 concord, 55 palo alto. breezy along our coast. everyone coming up 5 to 8 degrees today. still 10 degrees below the average but we're gonna enjoy the sunshine today. 54 morgan hill as well as salinas and hollister. we stay dry the most part the next several days, a slight chance of showers tomorrow, maybe more cold rain by thursday into friday. >> thank you, lisa. thank you for joining us. our next newscast starts at 9:00 this morning. you can stay connected at "good morning america" is coming up next. (vet) i love working with animals, but my allergies put me in a fog. so now, i'm claritin clear! claritin works great on all my allergies like dust, mold, pollen, or pets
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♪ i can't sleep ♪ do, do, do, do good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> and i'm bianna golodryga. it's sunday, february 20th. this morning, showdown in wisconsin. tea party activists descend on the state capitol trying drown out the public workers who have been protesting there for days. >> all: pass the bill. pass the bill. >> tempers are flaring on both sides. and it's a battle that could come to your state next. an abc news exclusive this morning. secretary of state hillary clinton sitting down with our christiane amanpour as key
6:59 am
american allies crack down violently on peaceful protesters, what can our government do about it? royal invite. the invitations to the royal wedding are now out, and we're seeing them for the first time. plus, the palace is telling us who is and who is not on the list. but who is going to the super exclusive reception dinner? and the mystery of bear. how did this little dog make it across 750 miles through 3 states in just 2 days? we're there as he's reunited with his owner. but the mystery of just how he made this trip has yet to be solved. well, i've decided to share with you the invitation i got in the mail yesterday. here's the invitation to the royal wedding i brought in this morning. of course, i'm kidding. i was not invited. but 1,900 lucky people were.


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